Hello! I’m glad you’ve stopped by. You probably want to know what you’ll be in for before you decide to stick around, so here’s a sneak peek.

I post a lot of poetry. I use it as a way of gathering scattered thoughts; sometimes in an attempt to make sense of senseless things – other times merely to capture the wonder of a passing moment. However, if poetry isn’t your cup of tea, I also write the occasional short story or fictional sketch.

What’s with the name?

Well, ever since I began writing as a little girl, I have tried to encapsulate joy and beauty without denying the fact that our world is deeply flawed and that so much is screwed up. I firmly believe that we do not have to avoid the messiness to make something beautiful. Read more about why I chose this name.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be as cynical as anybody. So in a sense, this blog is about my struggle to recognize good where none seems to exist, and to find ways of expressing it honestly. I long to uncover glimpses of hope. And when I do, I just have to write about it. Yes, most of the time this is frustratingly, wretchedly hard. But it’s important, otherwise it’s all too easy to just give up.

Thanks for reading this – I hope you’ll stay around. While you’re here, why not check out this recommended post, Religion is a lie?  Or, find out more about me.

~ Ilana

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