From a Car Window

cityscape bokeh

Eerie flash of airport signal light –

Pale beam across the sky.

Lurid orange stains the horizon,

Deepening into obscure brown.

Black silhouettes of trees, sharply defined,

Pierce the sky;           

Red lights draped, haphazard,

Over pine branches

Stand out against the surrounding gloom.

Yellow light from kitchen windows cast

A welcoming glow on a thin layer

Of fresh fallen snow.

Street lamps shed light –

Pools of titian on shining pavement,

Melting with red of tail-lights.

Telephone wires dip and rise, dip and rise,

Monotonous consistency.

Lights from on-coming traffic

Blind momentarily: white.

Weary driver steers slowly homeward,

Last corner; the exhaust pumps with dying breath.

Frigid cold, like a metal brace,

Makes papery stalks and naked trees

Stand ramrod straight

Under a dusting of snow.

We approach the destined lane and turn,

Crunch of frozen gravel under tires –

Lights beckon.

Blast of icy wind hurries us inside,

Door slams, warmth surrounds.



~ Ilana Reimer


3 thoughts on “From a Car Window

  1. Marjorie Walker

    This is still one of my favorites from among your collection of writing, and seeing it online is like finding a treasured photograph from the past. Also loved the description of downtown Ottawa from Miriam’s point of view. Thank you.

    All the best with your blog! M.W.


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