I had the opportunity to go to Hollywood this fall to take part in a showcase that was raising awareness for global justice issues using various art forms. I was inspired to write this piece from the perspective of a sex trafficker, viewing his life and the suffering he has caused. It is so important to remember God can forgive even the worst offenders.

Daily I inflict pain,

Yet no pain is as bitter or deep

As the agony I feel –

Thrusting myself on innocent ones.

I see their tears,

And yet inwardly

I cry more tears

Than they.


I am in the pit,

Nothing can save me

I am the enemy

Yet something is holding me down.

Will anyone free me?

Will they understand?

I pretend I’m in control,

But my life is spinning crazily

In a never-ending downward cycle.

Then gentle words stir my heart;

Glory and light fill the room.

Someone touches me

Tells me something

I never thought I’d hear:


That I am loved –


~ Ilana Reimer


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