Little Things


Think of all those little things –

The things He didn’t have to make.

Each was crafted in its own exclusive mold:

Tiny caterpillars with stippled skin,

Golden freckles on a child’s cheek,

Delicate fossil, pearl or stone;

The elusive facets of a flower,

Or the varied tint of a thousand different eyes.


God didn’t have to create these slight details,

But He did.

He laid down each faultless touch for our pleasure;

And placed each little element of beauty to His world –

Hoping we’ll pause an instant in this busy life

To notice them.

~ Ilana Reimer


3 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. When we see the big in the small, we see the small in the big. The big dependent on the small, the small, the big. Its a partnership. May we more fully notice the connectedness in everything, that we may more fully see Him.


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