God’s Lens

The church needs to step out into secular culture. Instead we have created our own little bubble of “Christian” culture that is enclosed within itself and rarely leaks out into the rest of the world. People with closed hearts don’t want to be preached at. But if they are loved and accepted as the broken, messed up people they are, their barriers will crumble. Listening to voices proclaiming “my Redeemer lives” and “how great is our God,” won’t make sense, no matter how earnestly the words are sung, unless the groundwork of Christianity has been laid in secular culture. This means Christians need to boldly enter into the film industry, the music industry and the publishing industry. This means dauntless artists, dancers, actors, writers, musicians, producers and publishers need to try again and again, refusing to take “no” for an answer until the influence of Christ is evident in every medium of today’s culture.

Culture is the lens through which we view the world. Imagine that the current lens was replaced with a pure, Godly lens. Then everyone would see the world the way God sees it. What would that look like?

The revival of secular, sinful culture will come. It is all part of making His Kingdom come here on earth, as it is in heaven. But in order for that to happen, we, His people, need to take action. God has given each of us talents that we can use for His glory. And our joy, which will be expressed through our music, our words, and our dance, will cause people to stop and ask: “What is it that you have? Because I want that.”


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