The Lion


Crouching at the feet of magnificence

I am defenseless, vulnerable –

Totally at the mercy

Of the mighty beast

Who towers over me;

With one swipe of his paw

He could tear me to smithereens;

The lion’s razor claws scrape the stone,

His tale lashes the air like a whip,

And his pointed teeth gleam white.

His golden sides ripple with muscle:

He moves with adroitness,

But I am awkward, ungainly –

Still puzzling out

The use of my limbs.

I try to scale the precipice,

But stumble on the slippery rocks,

My tiny paws clutch at air

As I plummet downwards with sickening slowness;

In a single bound he is beside me,

And my crazy descent ends

In a pair of velveteen paws;

Whiskers tickle my cheek,

And the lion’s warm breath causes

My little heart to cease its frantic pounding.

I am a mere animal, 

Yet I can sense his love;

My terror of him crumbles away – 

I know he will protect me,

Even with his life.

~ Ilana Reimer


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