Barriers come crashing down,

Walls crumble into dust,

That cannot be replaced.

No longer have we anything to hide –

No way to save face

When our facades are stripped away;

Curled up, vulnerable,

Like a newborn infant,

Our defences are gone,

There’s no need to pretend,

To cover up flaws

Just now laid bare.

Vulnerability, our greatest fear,

To acknowledge we’re not perfect,

To say the reason why;

But if God, the Perfect One,

Loves us still,

Then why do we shrink away

And refuse to admit our guilt,

When we’re no more broken

Than any other man?

When we utter the simple words,

‘I have sinned,’

We find the freedom,

We always sought in vain,

In those barriers and walls

We used to build for ourselves.

~ Ilana Reimer


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