My Heart


My heart beats crazily,

Emotions spill colours:

Red, purple, and blue,

That spatter over my paper –

Aching, laughing, loving;

My liquid heart bursts open

Into hollow whiteness:

A blank page without a past

For there is no history yet;

Secrets caged within me,

Struggling to escape.

They are to blame for sleepless nights,

Tossing endless hours on a bed of stars,

Wishing there were no double meanings,

No guesswork,

No dancing between the blurry lines 

Of fact and fiction.

Impatience blackens my smile,

But the flower blossoms slowly;

I stand on the brink of a new reality,

Waiting and watching as the petals unfold,

Opening up at last 

To meet the sheer gold of dawn.

~ Ilana Reimer


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