Embraced by the sea


I splash through swirling waves,

   Rivulets and tugging tides

That surround me, pulling me ever deeper.

   I know I’m being drawn in;

I can feel my feet sinking into sand,

   I’m losing something here –

The restless sea is robbing me,

   But I don’t try to fight it,

And part of me wonders why,

   Yet deep down I know

That in losing myself to this ocean

   I’m finding something more.

Rooted deep under gallons of water;

   Salty wet weighs me down,

Forbidding me to come up for air,

   But I don’t want to.

I’m safe in the watery caverns,

   The coral mazes and infinite deeps

I won’t return to the upper world –

   There’s nothing there for me.

Nothing holding me,

   Like the warm embrace of the sea

That won’t let me go.

~ Ilana Reimer


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