A Thousand Eyes


A thousand eyes,

With a thousand thoughts,

Hidden deep behind brown, blue, or grey;

A thousand smiles,

With a thousand reasons

Buried in curving lips.

What joys, sorrows,

What triumphs or defeats,

Are manifested in the depths of pupils

And crescent beams of a

Thousand people’s smiles.

What stories could we read there

If we looked closely –

If we cared.

~ Ilana Reimer


2 thoughts on “A Thousand Eyes

  1. Hi Ilana,
    This poem is beautiful. It expresses what I often feel. There are soooo many stories out there, aren’t there? How wonderful if we aspiring writers could tap into them and begin to see and reveal God’s ultimate story interwoven into every life. Keep writing. Keep up the good work. God can help us to “change the face of literature :)


    1. Ilana Reimer

      Thank you, Anna! Yes, it is so important to remember in our daily interactions with strangers that they each have their own stories and struggles, and we have no idea what they may be facing. I hope that you continue writing as well. God can use even our smallest offerings for His glory! :)


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