You Are a Miracle


Ricardo Carreon via Flickr

Shame wrenches,

Pain burns.

Overwhelmed with condemnation –

Filthy stains, ugly scars,

Where has my innocence gone?

I am drowning in my grief,

It smothers my dreams,

And suffocates my hope.

I want to hide –

To conceal my past,

To close my eyes

And forget it all.

But will covering up the blackness

Really change anything?


I have been left

With more than bruises and scars:

Life is formed inside of me,

It fills my womb,

And gives me purpose.

I watch in awe as this tiny child

Opens his eyes for the first time,

And grasps hold of my hand.

He was conceived in terror,

Yet with God the product of pain

Is redemption.


Little boy, you don’t know how

You came to live,

You don’t know yet,

How cruel this world can be;

Your life came about through

A twisted mistake,

But you’re the best thing

That’s happened to me;

Evil did not prevail,

Because through it,

You came into this world.

And despite all that pain,

You are a miracle.

~ Ilana Reimer


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