A new name

I have been looking back over my blog posts, and it has occurred to me that my focus is not really on beauty in small things after all. This world is full of injustice, pain and betrayal, and yet remarkably God proves time and again that He can redeem anything.

I know that for myself personally, I have learned the most and have been blessed the most through my worst experiences. And throughout history we see the pattern of God’s grace being manifested through the chaos and tears. Jesus’ birth amid the dirty straw and animal stench was hardly beautiful. There was nothing glamorous in His carpenter’s upbringing, or the nails that held Him on the cross. Yet what could possibly be more wonderful than that we have a God who loves us so much that He sent Jesus to die in our place?

No one is beyond the power of God. He sees opportunity in normal, awkward, scared, messed up people. In other words: us.

And reading over my posts, my theme seems to be centered on just that. On the redemption that comes from things that are anything but beautiful. There is NOTHING small in finding beauty in brokenness or tragedy. Most of the time it is wretchedly hard. But I pray that daily I will become better at doing so. And to emphasize that focus I have decided to re-name my blog: “Beauty in Broken Things.”

It’s a new name, but the same blog. My new blog address is beautyinbrokenthings.wordpress.com

Let me know what you think of it!


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