Rain’s falling in the sunset,

And mist bends the trees out of shape;

I can see Christmas lights in my bedroom window

As notes on the piano dance through the breeze,

How I wish these emotions had names

But somehow that’d ruin the mystery;

My fingertips turn black

And charcoal crumbles softly on the paper,

Leaving imaginary worlds behind.

And in a crowded kitchen,

I stop to smile as I think of you;

A sparrow sings a tragic song,

And my mind can’t keep up

My dreams are starting to explode,

But I can’t stay there…

Going back leaves me broken-hearted,

I’ve betrayed myself yet again,

Twisted the knife in your heart

But you love me still

And I’m wonderstruck, believing that;

These smoke-filled summer nights,

I can’t help wondering what’s ahead,

But the fireworks inside my brain will never tell

And you’re finding your way,

Tryin’ to see the sunset in the rain,

But don’t you worry,

I’ll wait for you, as I’m searching too

Watching as it comes in flashes –

These snapshots of my life, now they’re poetry.

~ Ilana Reimer


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