Where did you go?

Ryan Descafano via Flickr

Where are you?

She screams, endless searching in the dark;

Flashlight beams bounce off cement walls,

And something moves in the shadows,

She reaches out, but comes back empty handed,

Her inhale and exhale become a prayer,

Until it seems she can’t breathe at all;

She’s all alone now –  

Her flashlight glows blue-white,

Illuminating an empty picture frame,

She stares and stares, longingly,

But the face inside isn’t one she knows,

He’s not there any more.

Where did you go?

What happened to her false hope?

All it’s done is left her hurting,

Breaking up inside

Someone’s up there she knows,

Lifting her eyes, she can see a little beyond,

But the blackness of her sorrow won’t disappear,

All she wants is to make it through,

So now she’s in tears,

Begging just to breathe again.

~ Ilana Reimer


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