Sifting through midnight


Korrina via Flickr

I see her sifting through the midnight,

Searching for the life she’s lost

I see him fighting wars he thought were just in his head,

But turns out they’re everywhere instead;

I blink and now we’re running home,

Soaking hair, we’re dripping, laughing,

Tossing towels back and forth,

Amid the chaos, the dirty laundry,

Time to let go now, just breathe.

But it hurts to watch the silent pain,

See others slipping back down again

Some days I feel like I’m insane,

And I can’t stand watching helplessly,

Till you pick me up, swing me around,

Whooping and shouting in victory

Lying in the middle of the road with you –

Eating ice cream in the rain,

Laughing at things no one else finds funny

So many faces, so many lives

When darkness closes in around them

I just want to close my eyes,

And make this all go away

But that doesn’t work, I’ve tried.

There’s nothing left but you and me,

Flying up into the sky,

And every time I wanna look down,

You tilt my chin and all I see is you.

It’s then I know we’ll all survive –

We’ll make it to that place far above,

And leave this bitter world behind.

~ Ilana Reimer


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