It’s always been You


TruckerPat via Flickr

I’m overwhelmed by this torrent of love,

Dancing, cuz there’s poetry running through my head,

And I can’t shut it off, even if I wanted to;

I don’t know how it happened,

But my black and white past is full of colour now,

My dreams burst open in deafening confusion

Like fireworks on New Year’s Eve,

And I see hope down the purple road,

The fear is just a memory –

Indistinct cobwebs in the corners of my mind.

Somehow my love crosses oceans,

Skimming the waves, taking angels by the hand

Sweeping in the world and holding the nations close;

How can my feeble heart shake the earth?

I look back once more, read the words of yesterday

And I finally understand that this love isn’t mine at all –

It’s always been you inside of me.

~ Ilana Reimer


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