I can’t believe you love me.

Can’t believe you look at this skinny girl,

Awkward, short, and self-absorbed,

And refuse to see the obvious:

Inevitable disappointment, endless failure –

A broken soul with no courage left to stand.

But you see potential in 5 feet, something inches

Yes, you even dare to dream for me

Storing up glorious joy in a future I can’t imagine.

You are perfect, can I be perfect too?

Some days I just want to be safe,

But safety comes when you throw it all away.

You keep on chasing my heart,

Even when I’ve given up on me

I don’t have a thing to boast of,

Only a long list of improvements to be made,

But you simply smile and look into my eyes,

And despite it all, you call me beautiful.

~ Ilana Reimer


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