Boxes inside my head


Gail Rieke via Rieke Studios

I look at the neat little boxes inside my head,

All in a row, alphabetized dreams and emotions,

Colour-coordinated, lest I lose a single one;

I laugh at the precision I can’t find anywhere,

Paint splatters as I try to stay inside the lines,

But the confusion of abstract design bursts into stars,

Going far beyond my narrowest hopes;

The filing cabinets in my brain can’t compare

To the mismatched beauty of life and reality –

The chaos of people who dance outside my plans,

Stepping on my toes, and somehow I know

That even in my most daring dreams,

I couldn’t have orchestrated this.

I watch tears slide down my cheeks,

And feel the elation bubbling up inside

These things can’t be boxed in,

Can’t be described in a few simple words

Precise and efficient explanations –

All too easily glanced over, forgotten, dismissed;

No, just like the paint all over my room,

It messy and it’s wrong, but it’s perfect just the same.

~ Ilana Reimer


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