Escaping cardboard


Taylor-Marie McCormick via Vectro Ave

Silence fastens, warm darkness,

Brown light seeps through tiny holes,

You feel desperation amid your brokenness,

Damp air clings, stifling your goals

Like the cramped space you’re in;

You wonder if you dare rip the cardboard,

See the world that’s been hidden,

Will you stand out like a dissonant chord,

Or will your life fit the pattern that’s been laid?

But even as you wonder, still you know

You’ll never meet their standard,

Or match their list of criteria;

You could struggle to make this triangle

Fit the square they’ve cut

But you’d gain nothing there;

So instead you tear away the cardboard,

Knowing what you have is so much greater

Than all the emptiness they freely offer.

~ Ilana Reimer


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