Save me again

There’s only ever been

But one bright thing in this storm

So often going on unseen

This shining hope, forever changing form –

I’ve kept it next to my heart all the way,

But now it’s crumbling into evanescent dust

My one glimpse of perfection stolen away

I don’t want to turn around, but I must

Climbing up, begging you to save me again,

With your dangerous grace,

As I stumble down this shadowy lane,

Hold me close, breathe strength for this race,

Let me fall for you once more

Wrap my insecurities in your love

Let me return to the sunshine like before

Beyond the earth, way up above,

There’s no time to waste,

I’m already being blown downstream

Violent winds give me a bitter taste

Of reality without my dream

I need you to lift me up to meet the light,

Out of my murky past, amid the rain

Lift me up where I can breathe tonight,

All I need is you to save me again.

~ Ilana Reimer


3 thoughts on “Save me again

    1. Ilana Reimer

      Thank you Aunt Barb! With school, it’s hard to post regularly but I’m trying… :P I just found out about your blog the other day, and I’m so happy you started one! :)


      1. Oh goodness me, I’m only seeing the drop down bar that tells me when people have replied to my comments! I’ll figure this blogging thing out sooner or later. Oh yes, it’s great fun having a blog isn’t it?
        I’m thrilled to see how well you are doing with your poetry blog!
        All the best in your crazy, busy school year dear!


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