Humanity’s song


apwbATTACK via Flickr

Amid the darkened crevices of the world,

Cracked walls, graffiti covered windows,

Barred doors that never let the silence in –

Basement rooms that capture hearts,

Where lives spiral far away from you,

Slipping through your fingers till you’ve lost your chance;

Calling passionate hearts to distant lands –

Can’t you see the hungry pain?

They think there is no other way,

That their only voice is the voice of a gunshot,

But that’s not true, oh if only it weren’t true!

Humanity’s song is a broken, tortured thing,

But it’s alive; the nations’ beating heart;

All the graffiti can’t be washed away 

It’s a part of life, let it start singing too.

~ Ilana Reimer


One thought on “Humanity’s song

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