Faraway shore

stormy waves

Jeff Rowley via Flickr

The waves rise and fall with terrible force,

   And the boat I’m on runs off course – 

Diving into the depths, only to ascend

   Up the silver slope and beyond the bend;

The constant movement dulls my emotion,

   Till I’m sure I can’t hear above the commotion

The sea batters me and nothing is still,

   I blink back tears, as you do what you will,

Because none of this makes sense;

   The waters crash down and I tense,

Clinging to the rail, pleading not to fall,

   I look beyond the glittering, foamy wall

And see ahead the motionless distance,

   I fight to free myself, and feel the ocean’s resistance,

But I must get off this boat or I’ll be no more

   Yes, I must escape, and find that faraway shore.

~ Ilana Reimer


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