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Ilana Reimer photo

Lines of poetry choke the fragile words

Of creased uniforms and scarred faces,

A hushed salute making us pause in gratitude,

With hearts so much heavier now,

An unknown soldier is joined by one whose name is known;

Kneeling on wilted flowers and cold marble steps

As handwritten letters spiral up into the darkness –

And poppies fall from loving hands;

Amid tears and a nation gathered at the foot of history

Reeling from the brink of a future we hadn’t planned

In the cold wind, the bitter black of mid-November

You have already fallen.

Our false world shattered in one single day,

Yet our courage is rooted deeper now,

You can see it in the flowers

And a woman telling you she loves you,

You can see it in the world that honours you;

Our strength was found when those cannons echoed,

Our strength is found once more in chaos,

So stand on that pavement and keep looking up,

Because you are fallen, we shall rise –

And though days and days will stretch between us,

We will never forget you.

~ Ilana Reimer


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