A secret song


Swirling nights of gray and blue,

That’s when those secret songs

Slip through the deepening dark,

Instruments that no one knows,

Notes that no one really hears;

But You play them anyway,

For those searching souls

Who listen, unsure of what they hear,

Yet You draw from them wonder

As black branches come crashing down,

The world shifts under frozen snow and ice,

And they see snatches of Your might

Even though they’re not sure what to make of it.

~ Ilana Reimer


2 thoughts on “A secret song

  1. Marjorie

    Loved this poem! It’s those glimpses–perhaps like C.S. Lewis’s glimmers of ‘joy’–that get us through. I’ll keep this to read again.


    1. Ilana Reimer

      Thank you so much Marjorie! I am continually struck by how God continually gives us these glimmers of His love (both subtle, and not so subtle). And they give us the hope to keep going. Merry Christmas! :)


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