John Mollura via Flickr

You were standing in Eden

As man took and ate;

Your heart bled

But You did not turn away.

You watched them build a tower in the sky,

Then You destroyed the world,

And saved just one –

But he was a drunkard too.

Yet You did not turn away,

Even from the man who cheated

To win his father’s blessing;

You did not abandon the faltering tongue

Of one who had yet to see Your power.

And You chose a shepherd boy for Your king,

A man who traded Your love

For the love of a woman.


David’s line was never holy –

Yet neither was the story You told;

It could’ve been a flawless tale,

But You’d rather stumbling devotion

Than a robotic plot.

So You watched as Mary cried out –

A scared girl not sure where to turn;

You did not look away

Even as Joseph doubted,

A descendant of kings,

Reduced to gathering scraps of wood –

All that’s left of Israel’s throne.


The past must repeat itself –

As century after century

Men tremble and claim

They cannot measure up,

But You do not turn away, even now.

We have no massive standards to attain,

Though we, like them, have no wealth or fame,

Only the string of failures

We insist on dragging on behind.

But it’s not the saints

Who gain a chapter in Your history;

After all it was a carpenter and peasant girl

Who raised the Son of God.

~ Ilana Reimer


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