Glass walls


Thomas via Flickr

Is there some respite here?

Is there humanity amidst the rubble?

There’s regret and pain at every glance,

Turning flushed cheeks to ghostly outlines,

The wearing away of a life you can’t resist,

But this isn’t the real life,

This isn’t the truth you’re livin’

It’s an imaginary reality

You thought you could hide in,

But it’s safer out there – exposed,

Yet wrapped in ultimate Grace.

Instead you’re shrinking behind fantasies,

Tryin’ to hide in a room with glass walls,

Trusting transient mist to shield you;

You’re still learning what it is

That’s got a hold of you,

But one thing you’ve found:

To love is to get a broken heart,

I guess you know that now,

I guess you understand the cross.

So now you’re here,

Don’t ever say goodbye,

Lord, tear apart the dangerous clutter,

And from the wounds, rebuild;

No more glass walls,

Just Grace.

~ Ilana Reimer


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