Midnight revelations


Ancient History via Flickr

The clock glows in your bedroom,

It’s that space between memory and time –

12:00 a.m., but your mind keeps swirling,

Heavy thoughts pressing at your brain,

You’ve ignored them for so long,

That this time they won’t let go.

You want to believe the tides haven’t fully turned –

That you’re just imagining this angry noise,

Oh, to go on breathing in this dream,

But all the while,

You know you’ve told yourself a lie.

You let it slip, you let it slide,

You saw the light just before you let it go;

That was all yesterday,

But you’re still stuck in it tomorrow,

And it’s not the one you imagined

There were no wrong intentions,

Just misread emotions,

And now, in your bedroom, 12:00 a.m.,

You finally realize what you’ve done.

But it’s a bit late for midnight revelations,

Don’t you think?

~ Ilana Reimer


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