Metal crown

metal crown
Ilana Reimer photo

Black, spiralled metal

Bent into a curling wreath,

Unwanted garbage, forming a new-made thing;

It is a crown of wire thorns,

A reminder of a sacrifice,

Far greater than these few cuts,

And far more lasting than this tangled wreath –

This work of seconds;

Yours was a work of decades, centuries,

Of patient leading, subtle storytelling;

Yours was a display of valiant love,

Not idle craftsmanship;

Yours is now a crown of honour,

Signifying your greatness;

Mine is but a twisted circle –

A feeble replica,

Serving but to illustrate my own poor failing.

But if in failing, I can mirror you at all –

Therein lies my accomplishment.

~ Ilana Reimer


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