Invisible power


Each day we take up arms,

Holster our invisible weapons,

Waiting to take aim

A brief provocation, and it’s a blind reaction,

We fire – never mind the consequences 

Yeah, words have power

That’s a cliché we’ve heard before,

But little do we realize

How our own words sink deep within our souls;

Yet we have a strength even in our weakness,

For though our words are withering,

And from our mouths come curses –

Barbed arrows meant to kill,

When we ask, still God hears.

Yes when we speak, He listens.

So do not forget that as angry words

Bounce off canyon walls,

Magnifying their reach beyond what you intended,

So also will those faltering words be answered –

When whispered in the ear of God.

Never doubt your words have power,

Because no matter what you say,

There will always be an answer.

~ Ilana Reimer


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