I am no living man


They did me wrong,

Those movie makers,

They turned the pages of my life,

Simplified my burning soul,

And undermined my silent power.

Yeah, they dressed me as a warrior maid,

But barely let me wield a sword,

I was not as they depicted:

Bowing tremblingly at sight of Aragorn,

A sighing, love-sick child.

Tolkien had it right, after all

The strong, proud woman he portrayed,

Yes that is who I am.

I was caught inside a cage,

Yet do not forget how I fought for freedom,

I loved, but I was no fool.

My heart did not make me blind

Nor did I, in loving become weak.

They left in me some courage, I’ll admit,

But when I met the Nazgûl lord,

I laughed boldly in his face,

And I think he feared me, ere he died

He thought himself immortal,

But I saw him falter,

Wondering if I had a point.

And there, still wondering, he fell.

For I am no living man:

I am Eowyn.

~ Ilana Reimer


5 thoughts on “I am no living man

  1. M. Walker


    Perceptive and powerful, just like the Eowyn of the book, and NOT like the movie character rendered insipid by some screenwriter. Rebecca and I have often spoken about that weakening of one of our favourite LOTR characters, and of how unfair that was to Tolkien’s intention. We read that Uma Thurman had been offered the role, and that when she refused it, it was given to Miranda Otto. Do you think that the writing had to reflect Miranda Otto’s cuteness and spunk rather than magnificence?

    So pleased that you have rehabilitated Eowyn by letting her speak her mind…poetically. Thank you; thank you!!!



    1. Ilana

      Thank you, Marjorie! It’s frustrated me too. I just read an article the other day that reminded me, and I wrote this. I think that, had the movie version of Eowyn remained as Tolkien wrote her, Miranda would have made the killer combination of a beautiful woman who was at once gentle and as brave and mighty. At least we can cherish our own versions of her. :)

      I hope all is well in your corner of the world!


  2. Glingaerthel Nostariel

    Nicely done! I would have enjoyed you writing a bit about her interactions with Faramir. She was strong even in her relationship with him. Excellence.


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