Missing the light

Jeremy Thomas photo

I am buried in years of excuses;

Blinkers on, choosing not to see,

As You’ve waited for me –

Seeking ever to catch my eye.

I stumble through the crooked streets,

Looking for light where darkness only dwells,

And when you cast fireflies in my path,

I miss them, too busy looking for something else;

I’m scared to acknowledge it sometimes,

And yet, throughout all these years,

As I avoided you,

I’ve begged to hear your voice.

Dear God, I’ve spent my life missing you,

So surely it’s too much to hope

That You’d spare me a moment now,

I won’t presume you’re free this instant,

Let me know when’s best for You;

I know You’ve got the world to watch

But Lord, if you love me still,

Tell me when, and I’ll be there.

And then He says, no hesitation –

My child, how about right now?

~ Ilana Reimer




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