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Noise haunts every vacant hour,
Be it the sound of traffic,
The radio, or the never-ending talking
Inside of my head
This constant clamor is crushing me –
When we stand in the city square,
Amid the whirling lights and rushing sound,
We crave a reprieve
And yet uncanny stillness makes us squirm
Longer than a few seconds
And the absence of noise is enough to deafen us
This is the thing we fear –
For it strips us of the ability to look away,
To numb the pain or ignore the past
There is nowhere to hide, no way to drown out the truth
When faced with the one thing we humans dread:

~ Ilana Reimer


One thought on “Stillness

  1. Anonymous

    What an insightful, thought-provoking poem. I’d never before thought about how in noise we find both pain and purpose; it’s a fine recording of our common situation in today’s world. M.W.

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