A temple within


Timothy Neesam via Flickr

The streets are cold,
As everywhere I meet the vacant stares
On sidewalks, bus stops, every intersection;
I brush past strangers, catching only a glimpse,
But that’s all it takes: I am quick to surmise
My own impressions plastered on
Like paint spilled irreverently on canvas,
I project my biases onto faces
Until I forget I’m looking at a mask
That this shell I’ve painted isn’t a person at all,
It encases the real soul –
A seemingly inseparable trick of the light
That makes it easy to forget
That it was I, yes I who painted them so;
Look down, yes look within,
Do not forget dear heart,
That you yourself are but a husk –
Your frail outward self is a flimsy illusion,
Ready to be carried away by an unexpected gust
So peel back the paint and see,
You are more than the lies you tell yourself,
Far more than pretty eyelashes and perfect teeth;
Knock on the door of your own soul, my dear
Seek the temple within and learn to reach it.
Only once you see that sacred refuge
Can you spot this same holy touch
That lives within every human on this earth.

~ Ilana Reimer


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