Joshua Earle photo

I close my eyes,
And get lost in a dream,
That dream which is not reality –
But I pray it’s the future.
There is a fire burning,
And yet it does not consume
How is it that something so powerful,
Something so hot,
Can yet be so gentle?
I draw closer, and can feel the terror,
And yet I am unafraid,
For even in the midst of flames,
I am alive.
The fire licks at my skin,
I can feel it pouring through my veins
My tongue is aflame
And my eyes are like mirrors
There is fire reflected in their depths,
Yet I can feel no pain;
My hands have turned to gold,
But my fingerprints are unaltered,
My DNA is not reduced to ashes,
The refining is so perfect, so complete
It overwhelms me.
I am encased in holy fire,
And yet I am not destroyed
I am still myself, but a better self,
No. The best self.

~ Ilana Reimer



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