The other part of me

Ilana Reimer photo

There’s a part of me that’s not really me, I think

A part that lies sleeping till it bursts forth,

Drawn by some unspoken, irresistible call

A voice that can be heard mostly

When red sand swirls amid salt spray,

When a gull soars above a distant lighthouse,

Perched at the edge of a cove,

And the blue-gray ocean takes its everlasting toll

On the eroding rocky cliffs.

The whispering summons tugs at my hair,

And I’m powerless to withstand;

Barefoot, I’m running down a red dirt road,

Heading for the dunes;

I’ve lost control by now –

Dusting off those long-kept memories,

Rekindling the cherished hopes,

Because there’s another part of me,

A part that holds a dozen beautiful reveries

And lives on a little island far away –

Yes, there’s a part that doesn’t belong to me at all:

It belongs to Anne instead.

~ Ilana Reimer


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