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Click. Scroll. Click. Scroll.

With every desperate, dangerous word,

You see the universe shrink into a bottomless hole

Twitter feeds and Facebook comments, the slurred

Remains of humanity tossed into cyberspace,

And with every breath it’s like the earth is going to break,

You’re trapped in an endless footrace,

Weary. So weary of this ragged heartache;

Each day racism and hatred turn “brothers” into “others,”

And the human race lurches further off its intended course,

And you say it’s not your issue, but another’s.

Yet you see differences as threats and look for the source,

Eager to point fingers, quick to pass a verdict,

Sticking labels on faces instead of looking inside;

Forgetting there is a problem far more urgent,

Then maintaining an image built on pride;

Because racism is not always “their” problem –

Sometimes it’s yours, too.

So stop caring so much about the emblem,

Instead gather up needle and string to make new,

To sew up the gaping rends and wounds that rip us apart.

Beneath the labels we are all the same –

Just human beings with empty, longing hearts,

Needing God to rid us of our shame

And gradually erase the lines that spell out them,

Because in the end, all that’s left is…


~ Ilana Reimer


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