What more can I ask for?

Olya Voloshka photo

Silver light trickles in the window,

And I can feel my heart beating,

Like the thunderous pulse of heaven

Feel the warmth of breath inhaled –

Deep within cavernous lungs;

And that’s all I need.

What more can I ask for,

Besides this new day and your smile?

I can breathe, and revel in my thoughts,

Getting lost in the miracle of memories

Amazed that I have a voice that’s heard,

And a soul that feels and cares;

I know you’re always there,

Whatever happens it’ll be all right.

I want to hold on forever,

But even more than that,

I want to let go,

For as precious as this life may be,

I know there’s still more –

Waiting beyond the bend,

Higher, always higher than my dreams.

What more can I ask for?

~ Ilana Reimer


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