Siyan Ren photo

Clink. Slap. Clink. Slap.

The bricks and mortar are falling into place –

Foundations growing stronger, but it’s a trap,

A two-edged sword signing edicts we can’t erase;

And the more walls we build

The longer it takes to tear them down.

The flesh, pain and humanity of nations spilled,

And I’m trying not to lose it with each terrible letdown;

How to face this honestly, but not give up?

How to keep fighting and trust we’ll one day win?

First mourn the loss of innocence, the screw-ups,

Then rise up, find a hand and hold it, breathe deep within

Pour out love, even though it drains you;

Be relentless in your living, and give. Don’t stop.

Even a fraction of hope is worth it when the world’s askew,

So breathe in, breathe out. Don’t let the ball drop.

Stand together amidst the chaos of this black art,

And fight until the thudding bricks fall silent, and the walls all fall apart.

Clink. Slap. Clink…


~ Ilana Reimer


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