About me


When I discover a new blog, the first place I go to is the “about” page. I guess I’m nosy. I want to be able to picture this other human sitting in front of a computer in a different corner of the world.

So if you are as curious as I am, you probably want to know about me too.

I am an extroverted introvert. (Or Ravenclaw works too, because I’ll never be too old for Harry Potter). I’m also a recent college graduate who is fond of em dashes and decidedly against Oxford commas.

I’m a non-recovering tea addict who appreciates sarcasm and awkward situations. I enjoy art and photography, but on quiet afternoons you will probably find me hunched over the kitchen table – lost in some story or other.

Right now I live in a small town near Ottawa, busy trying to write a novel when I’m not at work. But really, I shouldn’t have started with any of this, because when you get down to what matters, I am simply a child of God; someone who’s been saved by a grace she doesn’t deserve.

Other places you can find me:

Twitter: @ilanareimer

Instagram: @ilana_rachael

My professional website


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